We've Completely Redefined The Portable Air Conditioner

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redefined the portable air conditioner

Portable air conditioners have existed for several years. And while you can move other “portable” units around the house or within reach of the nearest outlet, there has never been a truly portable, completely wireless and mobile method of cooling the air around you.

Enter... the IcyBreeze battery-powered portable air conditioner.

The IcyBreeze completely redefines what it means to be portable.

How Have We Redefined the Portable Air Conditioner?

Traditional portable air conditioners are designed primarily for home use. They're dependent on a power supply, and the bulky units with no handles are difficult to carry. The IcyBreeze takes portable air conditioning into a whole new realm of possible uses, offering air conditioning you can easily carry around the house and far beyond it.

Think... outside, camping, parked vehicles, on the boat and anywhere it's hot.

What is IcyBreeze? The heart of the IcyBreeze is a 38-quart cooler that keeps foods and beverages on ice. When you open the lid, you see a cooler like any other – add ice and you’ve got a way to keep food and drinks cold for outdoor activities.

The true beauty of the IcyBreeze is its built-in portable air conditioner. With the turn of a swith the IcyBreeze becomes an air conditioner. The air conditioner is built into the lid, with a fan that draws air in through discreet vents and passes it across a heat exchanger. The lid's technology blows out refreshing cold air from a built-in directional vent. You also have the option to direct the airflow exactly where you want by adjusting the attached stay-put flexi-hose.

How cold does the air get?

The IcyBreeze unit makes produces an air stream as much as 35 degrees colder than the air around you. And you have the ability to adjust the speed setting -- between three speeds that go up to 25 mph -- to fit your needs in each unique situation.

How Does the IcyBreeze Compare to Other Portable Air Conditioners?

how the portable air conditioner works

How is the IcyBreeze completely portable, when other portable air conditioners are not? Traditional portable air conditioners have wires and need a power supply, whereas the battery-powered IcyBreeze gives you a truly wireless experience. As long as the IcyBreeze is charged, you can take cool air with you wherever you go - whether it’s at home, in the car, at a park or anywhere else.

The IcyBreeze unit cools your drinks and the air at the same time. In other words, you get an air conditioner along with your cooler, and a cooler for refreshing drinks along with your air conditioner.

Better than regular air conditioners, the IcyBreeze doesn’t use refrigerants to cool the air! All you need is water and ice to use the environmentally friendly and easy-to-maintain IcyBreeze.

How and Where Would You Use It?

By now, you may be wondering how you use this air conditioner, and whether it’s complicated. In fact, it’s extremely easy to use. Simply add a few bags of ice and two quarts of water.. Then, turn the unit on to the fan setting of your choosing. That’s all you have to do. The battery last up to 6 hours on low.

This unit brings air conditioning to many places where you would have never thought it possible. Use it in parked or running vehicles, on job sites, by the pool or on the beach, at an outdoor event, in the backyard or garage, and in countless other places.

The IcyBreeze includes a convenient handle and durable wheels, so you can take it anywhere.

Putting The IcyBreeze to Use

Throughout daily life, there are countless situations where people find themselves hot, sticky and uncomfortable, but it just seems like a part of life. Most people never even imagine having a way to cool down when they’re sitting in direct sun on the beach or tailgating before a game.

That’s because the technology hasn’t existed yet. Everyone has accepted that you just have to be hot and sweaty sometimes, or they try to find creative ways to cool down, from blowing a mini battery-operated fan in their faces to wearing a neck wrap.

But now there’s a better way that takes the technology from air conditioning and makes it entirely portable. These examples give you ideas of how you could use this portable technology:


In the Car

Bob wants to take his dog in the car with him on a hot day, but he needs to make a stop somewhere where he can’t bring his dog. We all know he can’t just leave his dog in that car since the heat quickly creates a dangerous situation.

But if Bob has an IcyBreeze portable cooler on in the parked vehicle for Woofy, he can feel comfortable knowing that his buddy will be safe and cool for a while so Bob can take care of his errand. As Woofy waits for Bob, the interior of the vehicle will be just like the car was on with its air conditioner running.

In Natural Settings

Jill and her family like to stay active. On any given weekend, you’ll find them jumping from boating to camping to picnicking in the park. But sometimes the unbearable heat of the outdoors gets in the way of fully enjoying their time together. Jill can set up the IcyBreeze unit whether she’s on land or sea, directing the flexi-hose wherever the family is gathered.

At Sports Games

When Jessica goes to her kids’ sports games, she finds it easy to get overheated as she sits in the open bleachers watching the game. She also feels for the kids sitting on the bench in the heat. All she has to do is set up IcyBreeze units in convenient spots to cool herself and the kids down.

And when sports players need to rehydrate, they can just open the lid to find a chilled refreshment. Plus, Jessica can bring her IcyBreeze along for tailgating too!

On Job Sites

This portable air conditioner isn’t only for fun and games. When Mike works in a trailer with no air conditioning and his crew is sweating while building a new house in the sun, he can set up IcyBreeze units to keep everyone healthy and happy.

These are just a few of the situations where the IcyBreeze portable air conditioner can cool people down on a hot day. For more ideas on places where IcyBreeze technology can help you stay cool, check out this post on 31 ways to use the IcyBreeze cooler. You’ll quickly discover that you can stay cool in places and situations where you never thought it was possible!

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