Where To Use


The IcyBreeze ice cooler and portable air conditioner offers hours of cooling relief. The fresh breeze is generated by a rechargeable battery or by an optional 12V or 110V power adapter. The multi-speed fan and flexi-hose lets you control the power and direction of your breeze. The cool air is generated by water and ice in the cooler, and an innovative system for bringing air into the IcyBreeze to be cooled. This gives people a solution to the heat in any remote location like a family picnic, sporting event, on your boat, or camping.  


Here are some suggestions where the IcyBreeze can help you beat the heat:

Personal Air Conditioner + Cooler for Youth Sports
The Ultimate Bleacher and Dugout Companion

Personal Air Conditioner + Cooler for Recreational Sports
Be the Coolest Sportsman You Know

Tent Air Conditioner + Cooler for Camping
If You Start the Fire, I’ll Start the Breeze

Airplane Air Conditioner + Cabin Cooler
Cool Off and Fly Right

Portable Marine Air Conditioner + Cooler
You're Missing the Boat Without an IcyBreeze

Portable Air Conditioner + Cooler for Surveillance
Don’t Sweat Out on the Stake Out

Outdoor Air Conditioner + Cooler for Tailgating
When the Competition Heats Up, It’s Time to Cool Down