The IcyBreeze's innovative, patent-pending design has earned several awards and recognition. 

50 Campfires Gear of the Year Award

50 Campfires - 2014 Gear of the Year Award

Each year the editors at 50 Campfires evaluate dozens of the newest and most innovative camping tools, gadgets, and accessories, specifically looking for practical camping gear that you and your family will actually use. Through extensive field testing and research, they select the best of the best items to receive Gear of the Year awards.

Westword Coolest Foodie Gizmos

Westword - 5 Coolest Foodie Gizmos of 2014

This year has produced some pretty marvelous gadgets for foodies...Here are the top five coolest foodie gizmos we've seen in 2014. Keep reading for gizmo goodies like the ultimate in butter-spreading tech, a grill's best friend, a beery breath of cold air, and kitchen utensils from a galaxy far, far away.

33 Insanely Clever Products That Came Out In 2014

BuzzFeed - 33 Insanely Clever Products That Came Out In 2014

Featured at #4 of the Insanely Clever Products list. This award generated lots of "buzz" from BuzzFeed. Of the IcyBreeze they said, "regular coolers just keep your drinks cold; this one does that, but it cools you down as well. Summertime just got 100% less sweaty (for you and your bottles of beer)."

10 Best Readers' Choice: SkyMall Products for Road Trips

USA Today - 10 Best Readers' Choice: SkyMall Products for Road Trips

You voted on the 20 items our experts chose from the oh-so-amazing SkyMall catalog, and the votes are in! Click to see the winners of the 10Best Readers' Choice award for 'Best SkyMall Product for Road Trips.'

2013 TCC StartUp Cup Awards

TCC StartUp Cup - 2013 3rd Place Winner

IcyBreeze was awarded 3rd place out of dozens of applicants. Of all applicants, the award committee first narrowed the field to 24 participants. The TCC StartUp Cup awards local entrepreneurs who develop and pitch the best business model. Each TCC StartUp Cup competition takes place over a seven-month period, through a series of events that provide judging, mentoring and coaching to each entrant.