What kind of warranty comes with an IcyBreeze?

The IcyBreeze Platinum and IcyBreeze V2 Pro models come with our Rock Solid Lifetime Warranty. The Original IcyBreeze and the IcyBreeze V2 come with a one year warranty, as described in the owner’s manual.

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Can other brands of batteries be used with an IcyBreeze?

No. Our batteries were designed specifically use with the IcyBreeze. The IcyBreeze system is a 12v system to remain compatible with cars, boats, side by sides, ATVs, planes, etc. Using a different voltage battery will damage both your IcyBreeze and your battery pack.

Do I need to store the batteries charged?

Yes, you need to charge the batteries before storage. Storing drained batteries can cause damage to the internal cells. This can cause the batteries to go bad prematurely.

Can I return the IcyBreeze?

We process return requests up to 30 days after delivery of your IcyBreeze.

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Is the IcyBreeze safe to use indoors?

Absolutely! No chemicals are used in the cooling process and the electric motor puts off no exhaust.

Does the IcyBreeze need a drip tray like a window AC unit?

No. The heat exchanger is located in the lid, so any condensation falls right back into the cooler. Water that is run through the heat exchanger is returned down to the cooler.

How long does the battery last?

With a full charge, the 6AH battery will last approximately 4 hours on low, 2.5 hours on medium, and 1.5 hours on high. The 10AH battery will last approximately 6.5 hours on low, 4 hours on medium, and 2.5 hours on high.

How long does ice last on a hot day?

Three 10 pound bags of ice will last approximately 2-3 hours depending on the quality of the ice and outside temperature. If you need longer run times simply throw in another bag and off you go. You can also use larger blocks of ice like frozen water bottles/milk jugs, or our IcyBlocks that are designed to offer extended run times. Keep in mind when using ice packs or frozen blocks of ice that it is important to have them submerged in water. If the water doesn’t come into contact with the ice it will not cool the water running through the heat exchanger.

How is the IcyBreeze different from a swamp cooler?

The main advantage an IcyBreeze offers is that the air is being cooled with a heat exchanger, meaning that cold air coming out of the hose is dry. So while swamp coolers are similar in concept, they are constantly adding humidity to the air by pulling the air through a wet surface. The IcyBreeze is actually lowering the humidity in the air because the dry air is lowering the ratio of water vapor in the air.

After using the IcyBreeze all day, water splashes out from below the lid. Why?

In order to pull air through the heat exchanger, air is first pulled into the cooler through three ports. If the water level is too high, water can splash out of these ports while transporting. We recommend letting out some or all of the water before moving if this is an issue.

Can the IcyBreeze replace the air conditioner in my car or house?

No. While the IcyBreeze is perfect for breaking the heat for the person it is aimed at or a small, insulated area, it will struggle to cool a large open space or a space with lots of direct sunlight.

How loud is the IcyBreeze?

On high, the IcyBreeze runs at approximately 60 decibels. For comparison, a typical conversation is also about 60 decibels.

Can dry ice be used in the IcyBreeze?

No. Mixing dry ice and water will cause the IcyBreeze to blow out carbon dioxide and damage the pump.

Will the power supplies charge the battery?

No. Only the charger can charge the battery. The power supplies will run the unit as long as it is plugged in to a power source. If a power supply if plugged in, the battery will not be drained.