Original IcyBreeze Accessories

  • IcyBlock

    The IcyBlock is a great addition to any cooler. The IcyBlock is used in conjunction with ice often times doubling the life of the ice. Simply fill with 1 gallon of tap water or salt water then freeze and add to the...

  • Airflow Splitter

    The Airflow splitter allows 2 hose extension kits to be attached to the same IcyBreeze, letting you share the cool air with your closest friends!

  • 12 volt power supply, used to continuously power your portable air conditioner wherever you have a 12V cigarette lighter adapter.

    The IcyBreeze 12-Volt Power Supply Cord plugs into the cigarette lighter/car charger in automobiles, planes, and boats for continuous cooling without using the rechargeable battery. This is accessory is not a charger, and is...

  • IcyBreeze 4 foot extension hose, gives you enough length to get the ice cold air where you need it.

    The 4-Foot Extension Kit extends the reach of your IcyBreeze. The extension collapses to just 15 inches! Connect this to the integrated IcyBreeze vent tube to make 6 feet of extended tube. This accessory is great for pilots...

  • 8 foot corded remote for your IcyBreeze portable air conditioner for airplane pilots, drivers or anyone else needing remote use of their IcyBreeze.

    Our 8 foot corded remote is perfect for pilots or anyone else who's IcyBreeze is directly out of reach. The corded remote allows you turn your IcyBreeze on or off remotely. Simply plug in the remote, set the speed dial to...

  • IcyBreeze portable air conditioner and cooler 12V NIMH / NICD Battery Charger.

    Replacement 12V NIMH/NICD smart battery charger keeps your IcyBreeze portable air conditioner charged and ready to keep you cool without overcharging. This charging cord cannot power the IcyBreeze, it is solely used the...

  • 110-220V to 12V power supply for the IcyBreeze portable air conditioner, to continuously power the unit off of a standard household plug.

    The 110-Volt Power Adapter is designed to plug into standard US wall receptacles and run your IcyBreeze continuously.  The 110-Volt Adapter will not charge your battery pack, the battery pack can only be charged with...

  • Dual AC Kit

    This bundle comes with everything you need to share your cool breeze with a friend. An airflow splitter and two extension tubes that expand out 4 feet each means you can both enjoy the air from a distance as well.

  • Replacement 12V battery pack for the IcyBreeze battery powered portable air conditioner.

    Keep your IcyBreeze going with our 12V 10Ah NIMH Replacement Battery Pack. With its quick charging and large capacity it's a great replacement for your IcyBreeze.   Please note: The Smart Charger is needed to charge...

  • Golf Dual AC Kit w/Remote

    This bundle comes with an Airflow Splitter and two of our shorter extension tubes that expand to 18" for areas where the larger tubes would just get in the way. Finally, the bundle also includes our 8' corded remote to...

  • 12V 10Ah NIMH Battery and Smart Charger

    Add a battery pack to your IcyBreeze to allow it to run without being connected to a power source. Universal Smart Charger included. 

  • IcyBreeze Upgrade Kit

    This kit includes all the parts you need to retrofit your IcyBreeze into the new IcyBreeze v2. Easily add a second battery pack, gain the ability to power your IcyBreeze while the battery is charging, no maintenance charging...