5 Ultimate Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life

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Its that time of year again and if you’re like me you have a special guy in your life that is tough and tougher to shop for so I’m going to try and help you out with some great men's gift ideas that are sure to make him smile and make him the envy of all his buddies!

1. Home Brew Kit

What guy doesn’t like beer?! A home brew kit is a great way to let your significant other know you care and that you want him to enjoy himself. There are so many different recipes out there that he is sure to find a few that he likes and maybe the two of you can enjoy the beverages together! Check out for all their gear and deals!

2. Portable Air Conditioning Cooler

Ladies, your man is hot. And not only is he hot, he’s thirsty too. What better way keep your guy cool and well hydrated than with an IcyBreeze. Your guy is probably going to do some home projects in the garage next summer. It’s stuffy in there and he doesn’t like to sweat anymore than you do! Bonus, when its time for a break, all he has to do is reach over to his air conditioning cooler and grab one of those delicious home brews he made! You can use it at the kid's next baseball game to! It’s a win-win and you can pick one up this holiday season at

3. Whisker Dam

Beards and Mustaches are IN but you know what’s not in? Foam on the mustache that your man takes so much pride in. A little stocking-stuffer here in the form of the Whisker Dam will come in handy for nearly any occasion where the dreaded milk mustache effect is a concern. Pair that with the home brew kit previously mentioned and this gift may be just as much for you as it is for him! We can keep that our little secret though ;-) You can grab this great stocking-stuffer from

4. Grill Tools

Your guy takes just as much pride in his grill skills as you do in the kitchen and he would love some new tools to work his magic with. The Grill Daddy Ultimate Heat Shield BBQ Tool Kit is sure to make the grill king in your life the envy of all his friends while keeping his hands out of harms way while he is cooking up those always perfect steaks and burgers. The grill tools can be had from


5. Star Wars Light Saber

Star Wars is ALL the rage right now and as your guy would probably tell you, one of the coolest things in Star Wars is the lightsaber! He’ll be the talk of the town and happier than the kids this holiday season when he shows up to the movie theater to see Star Wars with his very own lightsaber! You’ll probably have to get a pair of them so that the balance of good and evil doesn’t get too lopsided in your household. Head over to to get yours and may the force be with you!


So there you have it ladies, 5 ultimate gift ideas for the man in your life. There is something for every kind of guy and hopefully your guy hasn’t been too naughty because he really deserves all of them!

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