7 Ways to Keep Your Toddler Cool During the Heat of the Day – Aqua Style!

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We love to take our little ones outside to enjoy the fresh air. It’s a great opportunity for the kiddos to burn off all that crazy energy, and when you add water… they’ll go nuts!

Warm, sunny days are some of the best times to get everyone out of the house for some fun, but with the fun, there also comes the risk of overheating. For that reason, a parent/adult needs to be able to recognize any signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. 

Here are some common signs of overheating in babies and toddlers from kids health:

  • Increased Thirst
  • Weakness
  • Fainting
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Nausea and/or Vomiting
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Increased Sweating
  • Cool, Clammy Skin
  • Elevation of Body Temperature (less than 104°F)

There are so many fun ways to use water to keep your kids from getting to the point of overheating on a hot afternoon. Here are just a few:

1. Water Tables

Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark

Outdoor pseudo-furniture filled with water makes for an irresistible situation to a toddler. Splashing away to their hearts content whilst dunking their favorite toys repeatedly in and out of the water, this is a great way to help keep them cool on a hot day. Not to mention, loads of fun. Try adding ice to chill the water down, or better yet, freeze some of their toys into blocks of ice and let them melt down while floating around like icebergs.

2. Splash Pads

Many communities are starting to add these water-spouting wonderlands to local parks or public gathering areas. These monuments of wateritude are a fantastic way to keep the kids cool during a long, hot afternoon. Nothing beats the heat like running through an overgrown sprinkler. If your toddler has them available, be sure to bring along some flip-flops to help keep their feet safe while gallivanting all over the hot concrete.

3. Wading Pools

The tried and true lawn staple is a can’t-miss afternoon of fun. You can try some cooling accessories to help keep the sun off those splashing tadpoles. Set up a pop-up tent over the pool for a much needed dose of shade. You can even invest in a large misting tent when you definitely want to WOW the neighborhood. Some inflatable wading pools come with water-hose powered misting and even water jets.

IcyBreeze Portable Air Conditioner & Cooler

4. Portable Air Conditioners

Investing in a portable air conditioner, like an IcyBreeze, which can blow up to 25 mph gusts of cold air onto the splashing kiddos or the sweating parents, is a great way to keep everyone cool. Whether you need it battery powered or have somewhere to plug it in, it makes keeping you cool, truly portable. Since the IcyBreeze runs off of ice and chilled water, you can put your water bottles and/or juice pouches in the cooler to keep them cold and use it just like you would any other cooler.

5. Water Guns

Try having fun with a playful water gun battle in the backyard. There are plenty of water spraying products out there with Super Soakers being just one of them. You can even go all-out and fill your aqua six-shooter with cold water from a prepared pitcher. It’s a great way to play one-on-one with your child. Just be sure to remember, don’t hog all the action and let them get you every once in a while.

6. Spray/Mist Bottle

If your little one is not going to be playing in or around the water, then you can just take the water with you. Try using a spray bottle to spritz their faces or necks to help them cool down. You can add ice to the bottle before you head out to keep the water chilled. Freeze water bottles to take outside as well. As they melt, you get cold ice water to help keep the kiddos (and yourself) hydrated - very, very important!

7. Other Heat Precautionsblog-popsicle.jpg

Some other examples of heat safety should be noted here as well. Protective UV-rated clothing can help in the prevention of sunburn. UV protective hats can also be worn to keep the sun off little heads (that is, if you can keep them on). Water resistant sunscreen is a must when the kids will be playing around water. The FDA rates water-resistant products as being able to stay effective after 40 or 80 minutes in the water. Drinking water and staying hydrated is an absolute necessity. Lastly, try topping off playtime with a guaranteed hit – frozen popsicles!

These are just a few ways to keep your playing toddlers cool in the outside sun. Be sure to think up your own variations or new games that involve the cooling power of water. Have fun and stay cool!

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