Icy Breeze Earns 2014 Gear of the Year Award for its Camping Air Conditioner + Cooler

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IcyBreeze was recently honored with a 2014 Gear of the Year Award from 50 Campfires for its IcyBreeze cooler, which offers a portable camping air conditioner + cooler in one.

Each year the editors at 50 Campfires evaluate dozens of the newest and most innovative camping tools, gadgets, and accessories, specifically looking for practical camping gear that you and your family will actually use. Through extensive field testing and research, they select the best of the best items to receive Gear of the Year awards.

50 Campfires 2014 Gear of the Year Awards

Of the IcyBreeze, 50 Campfires had this to say…

“Yes, you heard it right: an air conditioner BUILT-IN to your cooler. How does this contraption work, you ask? Easy. Just like any other cooler, you fill it with your favorite beverages along with ice and some water, close the lid and point the breeze in the direction of your choosing. You’re probably asking, ‘How could this cooler get any better?’ Well, let us blow your mind one more time. This cooler holds 38 quarts of your favorite beverages with a wide drain opening and large wheels for all types of terrain.”

The IcyBreeze is the perfect companion for camping. Use it as a tent air conditioner or for any recreational activity where you’d like to stay cool while enjoying the outdoors. Every IcyBreeze cooler comes with a built-in, 12V rechargeable battery pack, offering you the freedom to take cool air wherever you are. The IcyBreeze blows constant cold air up to 25 miles per hour at a temperature up to 35 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Every unit includes a 110V wall charger. Options include: 12V car power supply, 110V wall power supply, vent tube extension, and corded remote. Learn more about the IcyBreeze portable air conditioner.

We are honored to be selected for a Gear of the Year Award, and we encourage you to visit the 50 Campfires website to view other Gear of the Year Award winners.

50 Campfires – The Camping Authority – offers camping tips, camping recipes, gear reviews, location reviews, interviews and much more. They also publish an entertaining and informative monthly digital magazine.

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