IcyBreeze Portable Air Conditioner & Cooler VS ArcticAir Cooler

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In head to head competition, IcyBreeze is a clear winner over the Arctic Air Cooler. The IcyBreeze portable air conditioner has ice retention 3 times longer than that of the competition. Not only does the ice last longer in the IcyBreeze but it also blows colder air.

Test Conditions
• Temperature 90 degrees
• 30 pounds of ice in each unit
• 2.5 hour test

1. IcyBreeze ice lasted 2.5 hours
2. ArcticAir Cooler ice melted in 45 minutes
3. IcyBreeze average temp over 2.5 hours = 60.2 degrees
4. ArcticAir Cooler average temp over 45 minutes = 67.5 degrees

IcyBreeze is the worlds first and only two-in-one air conditioner / cooler. The IcyBreeze is truly portable with an on board rechargeable battery system that will last up to 6 hours on a charge. The IcyBreeze can also have an endless power supply when plugged into either AC or DC outlets. The IcyBreeze functions as a standard cooler keeping food and drinks cold. On the beach, boat, or bleachers the IcyBreeze is the best way to stay cool in the heat. Turn a miserable camping trip into an enjoyable experience in the great outdoors with IcyBreeze. IcyBreeze is a great co-pilot, featuring an 8 feet long wired remote and additional 4 foot extension hose to get the cold air where you need it.

Easy pull handleYesNo
Built in flexible vent hoseYesNo
Rugged Plastic Shell YesNo
Drain plug YesNo
Rechargeable batteryYesNo
3 speed fan YesNo
Stores food & beveragesYesNo
Runs off 12 voltYesYes
Runs off 110v - 240vYesNo
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