IcyBreeze Rolls Out New TV Commercials as Part of Its 2015 Marketing Blitz

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IcyBreeze Television Commercials

IcyBreeze is continuing its push to become a household name as it makes portable air conditioning fun and practical for everyone. Innovators in the world of coolers, the company has launched a TV ad campaign to introduce the IcyBreeze to hundreds of thousands of homes in coming months. The ad campaign highlights the dual use capabilities of the IcyBreeze, a first for portable air conditioning and a first for coolers.

IcyBreeze company founder, Dave Yonce, says he is pumped to get the word out. "We're continuing to aggressively ramp up our marketing investment, and we plan to be firing on all cylinders as the summer season heats up. We've got some very big retail partnerships rolling out, and this ad campaign will support both our efforts to introduce the IcyBreeze to the public and to help drive traffic into retail locations where the IcyBreeze is sold."

IcyBreeze is a portable air conditioner and a cooler built into one. It can be used in the tent, at the ball field, while boating, in an aircraft, for pets in the car, or anywhere that you want to take cool air with you.

Commercials will air in select markets.

Watch the video below and see for yourself how the IcyBreeze puts battery-powered portable air conditioning in the hands of anyone.

Chill Out With IcyBreeze

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