New AC Cooler Package: Introducing the IcyBreeze Chill

Posted by Doug Roberts on

The IcyBreeze Chill Package

IcyBreeze announces the addition of the "Chill" to its line of portable cooler air conditioners. For those who don’t need the complete portability of a rechargeable battery, this package brings about a new price point. Born from customer demand, the Chill package includes everything you need for continuous air conditioner operation with the exception of a rechargeable battery. It's our most economical ice air conditioner.

Cooler Runs on Continuous Power

This cooler package takes one step down in portability without the rechargeable battery, but it still highly portable. All that's required to power this beast is access to a standard car power socket (12V) or a U.S. wall receptacle (110V).

Select either a 12-volt or 110-volt power supply cord when ordering the Chill package.


If you ever feel the need for battery power, it's an easy upgrade at any point in the future!

Now that's versatility... at a great price.

Every IcyBreeze air conditioner accessory will also work with the Chill since it’s the same unit as our rechargeable battery version. You can still use the corded remote or attach the four-foot hose extension. All of which are available on the IcyBreeze website.

Check out the new package today at:

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