Outdoor Air Conditioner: Baseball Players & Parents Rejoice

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Whether you are a baseball player or a parent, nothing is worse than dealing with heat in the summer. Every season, parents check off their list of essential baseball equipment and performance necessities: bat, glove, uniform, lessons... and on it goes.

When it comes to hot summertime heat, we look for every possible advantage we can give to either our child or to ourselves. We buy accessories like pop-up tents, sportbrellas, team banners, or even music boxes to get everyone hyped up.  But the heat... it's always there.

What if I told you there was a way to cool the air around you while you're sitting outside, at the game?

Well, there is such a product. It's a cooler and outdoor air conditioner built into one. The IcyBreeze is a portable air conditioner cooler that will not only keep your drinks cool, but will also blow air conditioned air on you, your child, or your loyal game-watching grandparent who may find it difficult to bear the heat.

icybreeze-drinks.jpgAn Excellent Cooler for Drinks... And You

A phenomenon is going on in the cooler or ice chest market.  Premium brands like Yeti, Orion, Orca, and many others offer coolers that keep ice for up to 10 days, survive a cliff fall, or are certified bear-proof. These are great options for your hunters and extended day campers. There’s even a cooler that has a blender and built-in bluetooth speaker called “The Coolest”….you’ve probably seen the Kickstarter on that!  All these premium coolers are great for those who are looking for those types of bells and whistles.

IcyBreeze, however, offers a distinct alternative... perfect for sports players and fans - a premium cooler that makes you cooler than all the rest. Literally.

It maximizes the cooling energy stored in ice, doubling up on performance as a beverage cooler, while powering out a blast of cool air in your face.

An Outdoor Air Conditioner With Dry Air 

When we get hot in the summer, a lot of us turn to various solutions to stay cool:  misting fans, ice soaked rags, sport cool rags, or even those gigantic swamp coolers that blow misting air on you typically seen at major league ballparks. Although all those solutions get you wet and soggy, we do this to avoid heat exhaustion. The IcyBreeze is unique because it’s not only a cooler, but it also has an eco-friendly air conditioner built right into the lid, capable of blowing cold, dry air at up to 25 mph. Admittedly, ice does melt faster when the AC is in use (within 6 hours), but the luxury of portable air conditioning in a cooler gives you a 2-for-1 cooling punch for that daytime use.

We use the IcyBreeze for my son’s baseball team for both the players in the dugout and for my wife and friends who are watching. Even the coach has an IcyBreeze when he sits outside of the dugout. Unlike many other premium coolers, the IcyBreeze has wheels for portability, a built-in rechargeable battery, up to 2 ½ inches of high grade polyurethane insulation, and provides portable air conditioning. 

The next time you are going through your baseball checklist for essential equipment, you should consider buying an IcyBreeze for yourself or for the team. It just may give you that competitive advantage.

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Andrew J. is a baseball dad, who can be found on any given Summertime (or Fall) weekend at the ballfield watching or coaching his son.

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