How it Works

How does the IcyBreeze portable AC unit help you beat the heat?

The big secret behind the Icybreeze is a unique design that sends water through a heat exchanger cleverly placed in the lid. Fresh air is drawn from hidden vents in the top of the cooler, pulled across the exchanger, and chilled down to 35 degrees below the initial temperature. A cool (dare we say... ICY?) breeze is then dispensed whatever direction the unit is facing. The power and speed of the air current is comparable to that of the average air conditioner found in most modern automobiles.

The full range of IcyBreeze accessories make the portable air conditioner work pretty much anywhere you want to have cold drinks and air conditioning! The Icybreeze becomes truly portable with the optional battery pack designed specifically for the Icybreeze. This specialized battery allows the Icybreeze to provide hours of refreshing chill.

The IcyBreeze works by circulating ice cold water in the cooler through a radiator. A three speed fan draws air under the lid and drawing it through a chilled radiator, cooling the air. The ice cold air is then blown out of the Flexi-hose up to 35 degrees cooler than the outside air.

This seems like a very clean process. Is it environmentally friendly?

Icybreeze engineers designed the unit to be like nothing else available today, and that includes taking extra steps to ensure the final product was as friendly to the environment as possible. No dangerous refrigerants are used, and no Freon! Water and ice are the only sources needed to cool the air, and the optional rechargeable battery means less waste and minimal power usage. When possible, recycled plastics are used in the construction of Icybreeze units, components and accessories. The device is also lead-free.


IcyBreeze Specifications

38 Quart Interior
Interior Dimensions: L: 18.5”  W: 11.25”  D: 11”
Exterior Dimensions: L: 23”  W: 16.25“  H: 18.5”
Dry Weight: 17 lbs

Optional Battery Information
Chemistry: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Nominal Voltage: 12V DC
Charge Time: Up to 5 hours on dead battery
Charge lasts up to 6 hours (10AH battery on low) or 4 hours (6AH Battery on low)

• Able To Run Continuous Power
• No Freon; Uses Ice And Water
• Flexi-hose Stays In Position
• 3 Speed Fan Blows Up To 25 MPH
• Amp Draw: 1.0 (Low), 1.3 (Med), 2.4 (High)
• Wheels Roll Easily Over Any Surface
• Easy To Use Drain
• Rugged Polyethylene Construction
• Ice Lasts Up To 7 Days At Temps Up To 90° When Not Using The Air Conditioning Function
• Holds Up To 30 lbs Of Ice
• Made In The USA

110 V Smart Charger
110 V Power Supply
Corded Remote
4 ft. Hose Extension Kit
12V Power Supply