The idea for IcyBreeze began with a father and his young son camping in the middle of a heat wave with the temperatures still over 90 degrees well past sun down. They were unable to sleep because of the heat and decided to pack up their campsite at 2AM. A joke was made about how they could have stayed if they could sleep inside the cooler. They never found a way to crawl inside their ice chest that night, but it did lead to a question that IcyBreeze set out to answer: How can we use the ice we already have to provide some relief to this heat?

We began developing the IcyBreeze in Bixby, Oklahoma in 2013 and starting building the following year. In 2015, IcyBreeze and Sam’s Club teamed up to do a limited run in stores with the hottest summer temperatures and sold thousands of units.

We moved into a larger facility to keep up with the production demands that summer. By 2017, we had out grown that facility as well and moved to Sweetwater, Texas where we would have excellent access to highway connections and a home base in Texas, one of our best selling states. Our growth out paced our best case predictions. Within 12 months we were already building our second warehouse facility in Sweetwater.

The IcyBreeze is used world wide by some of the largest organizations. The US Open, Australian Open, Tokyo 2021 Olympics, Disneyland, Disney World, and many more have purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars of units to cool the biggest name athletes. These organizations spend millions of dollars a year researching and scrutinizing every product they use. At the end of the day they chose the IcyBreeze over every available product in the world! That should tell you everything you need to know about the quality and function of our product.

Through the years we continued to develop and refine the IcyBreeze to the point where it is today. Our confidence in our product is so high we offer our Rock Solid Lifetime Warranty, we are ready to support our customers for years to come.

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We want to provide quality, convenience, and comfort to every IcyBreeze customer.

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We stand behind our product with our Rock Solid Lifetime Warranty, which is among the best in the industry.


Our warehouse is in Texas, allowing us to ship to most addresses in the continental US in three days or less.


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