Portable Air Conditioner: 31 Uses for an IcyBreeze Cooler

17th Dec 2014

The IcyBreeze portable ice air conditioner is a powerful cooling device that can literally go anywhere you go, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of cool air in places you never thought possible. As a bonus, our one-of-a-kind air conditioner doubles as a spacious cooler to keep food and drinks cold, holding up to 49 cans of your favorite beverage. Following are some of the common (and somewhat uncommon) uses for the IcyBreeze.

  1. Boat Air ConditionerTent air conditioner - Set the IcyBreeze outside the tent and direct the bendable tube into one of the zippered door openings. Or just set it inside the tent with you.
  2. Camper/RV – Set the IcyBreeze inside your RV or camper to cool it down when you are running battery power only. It uses a fraction of the power required by the rooftop air conditioners.
  3. Keep pets cool in car – The IcyBreeze can keep the vehicle cool while you run errands. Crack the windows slightly. Set the cooler in the back seat or cargo area of an SUV. If your car has trunk access through the back seat, put the cooler in the trunk and direct the air tube into the passenger area.
  4. Personal air conditioner – Take it with you wherever you want to enjoy cool air blowing on you all day long.
  5. Baseball/softball dugout – Give the kids a break on hot days by keeping a cool stream of air in the dugout. Plus store water & sports drinks in the cooler to help them stay hydrated.
  6. Game stands – Set the IcyBreeze on the seat in front of you and enjoy the game in cool air comfort. You’ll make more friends than you know what to do with.
  7. Football sidelines – Keep the team cooled down between drives.
  8. Semi truck cab – Cool down the cab or sleeping quarters of your semi truck.
  9. Boating – The perfect marine air conditioner, the IcyBreeze can be used above deck on your pontoon, fishing, or speed boat. Or take it below deck into the cabin to provide a cool, comfortable respite from the sun.
  10. Construction site – Take the IcyBreeze inside the home under construction to keep the crew cool while they work. It’s perfect for those hot days of summer and before the house AC gets installed.
  11. Aircraft cabin – Pilots are cool, and they deserve to stay cool preflight or inflight. The IcyBreeze makes the perfect aircraft air conditioner. The optional remote control keeps the fan control in the pilot’s hands.
  12. Stakeout / surveillance – Keep your vehicle cool during long, hot stakeouts when you need to keep a low profile with the engine off. The IcyBreeze is a great tool, not only for keeping your vehicle comfortable, but also for keeping drinks or food cool.
  13. Production trailers – No air conditioner, no problem. Take the AC with you into the trailer to keep electronics and staff cool.
  14. On the patio/deck – Stay cool while enjoying time outside with friends or family.
  15. Vending booths & trailers – Whether you are stationed at the fair or selling candy bars at your child’s sporting events, the IcyBreeze keeps quarters comfortable for everyone.
  16. Ticket booths – Put the IcyBreeze at your feet and enjoy the cool breeze while selling tickets on those hot summer days.
  17. Movie sets – Remote filming can provide numerous logistical challenges, especially the challenge of staying cool. It’s no sweat for IcyBreeze.
  18. Concerts & music festivals – Outdoor concerts are a blast! Bring your cooler and your own personal air conditioner.
  19. Hospitality tents – Be good to your guests. The IcyBreeze will make them feel special as they enjoy food and drinks inside a cooled down tent area.
  20. Outdoor weddings – No one wants to sweat at a wedding. Put a few IcyBreeze units strategically placed around the reception tent or other areas where you need cool air so guests can celebrate in comfort.
  21. Family reunions in the park – You will become the new favorite uncle or aunt when you bring along an IcyBreeze to provide cool relief in the park shelter.
  22. Amusement park operators – The IcyBreeze makes a perfect companion for operators during the long, dog days of summer. Cool air and cool drinks make the day go better.
  23. Tennis tournaments – Stay cool in the stands or on the court with an IcyBreeze. Store water bottles for the players, and turn it on.
  24. Race & endurance events – Whether it’s a triathlon, 5K, or mud challenge, use the IcyBreeze to cool down participants after the race, or set up units at worker stations. It’s battery-powered, so you can take it in the woods or on the side of the road.
  25. Poolside – Lounge chair…check! Suntan lotion…check! IcyBreeze…check this out! It’s the coolest thing ever seen on the pooldeck.
  26. Horse stables – Provide a cool area for guests or riders in or around your horse stables during events or whenever the heat demands.
  27. Outdoor farm work – Give yourself or your crew a break from the heat of the day by taking your cooler air conditioner to the field.
  28. Backyard playhouse – Spoil your kids with air conditioning in their favorite playhouse. All their friends will think they are cool…and they will be.
  29. Golf cart – No golf cart is complete without a cooler for your favorite beverages. Why not add an air conditioner too?
  30. Tailgating – You’ve already got the grill, the big screen TV, the tent, the food, the drinks, why not add an awesome air conditioner?
  31. Garage or workshop – The IcyBreeze is a great personal air conditioner to cool smaller spaces in or around your home that do not have AC. Work hard, stay cool.

Sideline Air Conditioner CoolerThe award-winning IcyBreeze is available in 4 standard packages with varying options. Every IcyBreeze cooler comes with a built-in, 12V rechargeable battery pack for extreme mobility. The IcyBreeze blows constant cold air up to 25 miles per hour at a temperature up to 35 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Every unit includes a 110V wall charger. Options include: 12V car power supply, 110V wall power supply, vent tube extension, and corded remote. 

Your IcyBreeze awaits – BUY ONE.